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Detective John Cooper had seen it all, done it all---until now. He and his partner, Kelly McArthur, are dispatched to a homicide of a low-level druggie, who was brutally tortured. All identification on the body has been removed: fingerprints, tattoos, scars, teeth and even clothing tags, all gone. Weeks later, a second body turns up miles away, also a small-time hood, exhibiting similar viciousness and lack of identifiers. Cooper’s question is, why? What is the killer hiding and why the cruelty to their victims, prior to death? A tip from an unlikely source, leads the detectives to now believe their case may have roots which began in Canada.

Although their highly problematic murder case is time sensitive, McArthur can’t ignore the abrupt transfer of a close friend and fellow policewoman, who refused to succumb to the constant sexual advances of a superior officer. The ‘old boys club’ is apparently still alive and well. McArthur desperately wants to take on these misogynistic predators to help her friend, but even with Cooper covering her six to the max, she can’t help but hesitate because, win or lose, pursuing this could spell the end of her own career.