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Remnants Around the Earth's Biosphere


One may enquire why such a title for this book of nonfiction? In some instance one would even suggest that there is a bit of arrogance in its choice. I can assure the readers that as a lab scientist, I try to look at the bigger picture of the planet and the cosmos that keeps one little planet and its evolved species Homo sapiens (that is arrogance) alive and prospering.

The history in the evolution of life forms on earth is filled with conjecture with limited excuses to the anthropologists, socialists, and the noble biblical professionals. There maybe a role for a God but surely for a Creator for there is design in the cosmos. It is also found in the evolution of carbon-based life forms of which the microscopic world of bacteria, viruses, and parasites that form the flora within animals, plants and in one another aiding in their survival.

I follow up with the need for healthy humankind, through nutrition also the physiological requirements. This concept now expands to the earth itself, our own environment that is being damaged. In some instances, humans are blaming themselves for part of this damage. Like humans, Earth is also protecting itself using its power of weather changes.  So, there is a bit of tribal explanations by different racial types and the inter-connectedness of microbes and mankind is  in a dance for survival on our planet.