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Repose of the Ailsa Stone


Scotland, 1913. Twins are born in an Inverness Poorhouse to an unwed mother. One of the babies disappears, while the other’s identity gets bungled in a maze of newborns. Years of searching for one and doubts about the other leads to courtroom drama.

Canada, 1918. WWI has just ended and the survivors are returning from Europe. One man is ‘missing’ until his wife Lucy travels to Germany to discover his fate. Or is it still a mystery?

Her son, Thomas Campbell, a young lawyer in Toronto, is the custodian of the Ailsa Stone, a small carved replica of a curling rock allegedly a talisman to shield him from the curse of the Clan Fraser to which he is connected. His transfer to Edinburgh draws the story together, weaving through the lost and the found … ‘Death pays Dividends’.