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Sarah's Prairie Princess


Sarah's Prairie Princess is the story of family and community. It is about the importance that each has to the other. 
Beth Montgomery was born in 1943. Her mother's dream of having a daughter to do girlish things with was realized - her very own little Prairie Princess, or so she thought.

Growing up on a prairie farm near the hamlet of Epworth, Saskatchewan has a lot to do with developing Beth's character, as does having an older brother as a role model. She realizes that there are more exciting things to do on a farm than make cookies, wash dishes and play with dolls. By the time she turns five, the Prairie Princess has become a first rate tom-boy. An overzealous imagination and a fearless nature contribute to escapades that would send most modern day parents around the bend.

When the teacher of the local Burstock School takes ill, Cora Watson, fresh our of Normal School in Saskatoon, takes over. Through Cora, we get to experience many of the frustrations and joys of first year teaching. Lonely and separated from the man she hopes to marry, Paul Whitfield, a young student minister only adds to her feelings of isolation. The Montgomerys reach out to the young teacher, providing company and support. While waiting for a marriage proposal from Paul, Cora meets and is extremely attracted to Jim Weber, a handsome young farmer.
Life in the hamlet is going on splendidly, one season to the next until one winter day an unexpected occurrence happens in the Montgomery family that makes for a chaotic Christmas. Demonstrating true community spirit, the Epworth people forget about their own lives and pitch in to help the Montgomery family. 
You'll get to meet and laugh with countless interesting characters that are interspersed throughout the story. Anyone who enjoys reminiscing about their childhood will delight in this high-spirited prairie story of family and community, and how the two are so deeply interwoven.