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Second Chance to Dance

Praise for Second Chance to Dance...
"Dear Ernie and Sandra, I want to thank you for your testimonies on Huntley Street last night. You have no idea how your story has touched my heart!
Ernie, as I sat there...listening to your story, I found myself starting to weep and the more I listened to you the more I wept. You see, Ernie, I have been married for 27 years to a wonderful woman and she has given us 3 beautiful children, all of them following the Lord. Everything about my life is wonderful, but for some reason I have always struggled with anger and selfishness. I have always felt and wondered why there was a wall around my heart that has been blocking me from truly feeling the love of God. When you told us that you prayed God would not send death your way, I have prayed the exact things. I feel sometimes that I have blown my opportunities in life. I have been asking God to open my heart to His love. Over the past year, I believe that He has started [doing just that]. It has been a long process, and to be honest with you a hard one at times. Last night as you were speaking, finally, I could feel the Love of God in my heart...
Walls came down... and I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart. God has used your story to answer my prayer."