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Sky Light


Lao-Tzu, the author of the Tao Te King, the famous book written in the Sixth century B.C., was often at the forefront during the channelling sessions. By taking an active part in this book, his intent was to make his philosophy more democratic and adapted to this era. Therefore, the teachings in Sky Light follow his approach: It is essential that humans better grasp the meaning of their own lives, so that they can continue to evolve.

Many themes are addressed in this book: individuals becoming responsible for themselves, the necessity to equilibrate spirituality and materiality, parental responsibilities and children's rights, love and marriage, the relationship between work and health, the right position is of sexuality, death as the door of entry, the impact of individual and collective actions on karma, the responsibilities of each planet, and the likely future of humankind.

All your actions come with their consequences. See your life as a play: a scenario, which is your mission in life; you are an actor (more or less talented) in a setting on a stage (Earth); those around you are spectators who applaud or jeer, depending on your performance... And they are also actors at the same time and on the same stage as you...