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Some Things Best Forgotten

Dateline: Baeburg, Ontario. Population: 1 135
Time: Spring 1975
Breaking News: Not much, really.
Well, okay, there are a few things happening: all the kids are dressing like hippies these days. Price of gas for the Volare is sky-high. Oh, and the old train station might go up in flames -- that could be exciting. But the biggest news comes from the past ... when the town reporter digs up a thirty-year old mystery.
Flashback to 1944: Rocco Perri, a gangster from Hamilton, has disappeared.
One night in the last years of World War II, Canada's King of the Bootleggers simply vanished. Did he finally meet his match in a rival gang?
Or did he decide to hide -- in a place where nobody locks their doors, where the funeral director is the funniest fellow in town and the milkman gets hijacked by ten-year-old bandits -- a place where nobody would think to look?
A place like Baeburg. Where everyone is part of the story... whether they remember it right or not.