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"Son" Light in My Soul- 90 Day Notebook

As you read scripture, or as special God thoughts go through your mind, do you record them?  If so, do those recorded notes pile up, become disorganized or even scattered?
With a 90-day notebook, you can keep those special notes all in one place.  With this 6 x 9-inch size, you can nicely tuck the notebook into your Bible, or set it by your bedside table or favourite chair.  Once filled, save all those wonderful God thoughts ready for review, then, pick up another 90-Day notebook to continue recording your thoughts for the next 90 days.   You'll be surprised how much you have gleaned!  
THE INTERIOR comes with lines where you record your God thoughts for the day.  You fill in the date, and write down the word of the day, whether it is a scripture, inspirational quote, highlight of a special message or sermon.  
1.    Area 1: supplies lines to record the Word of the Day, an inspirational quote or special God thought.
2.    Area 2: supplies lines to record what that word, quote or God thought means to you.
3.    Area 3: supplies lines to record your response or a short prayer.
THE EXTERIOR comes in full colour, with various scenes.
Explore our website to find your special choice of notebook cover.  Use the notebooks for yourself or buy them for gifts!  They are perfect for birthdays, Mother's or Father's Day, graduation day or any special occasion.  
Enjoy this perfect solution f or recording God thoughts!
Enjoy "Son" Light in My Soul
A 90-day white spiral notebook to record God Thoughts.