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Spitting from High Places

Spitting From High Places is the story of six friends, each possessing very different and sometimes conflicting personalities. They recognize that they, unwittingly, have started to grow old before their time and decide to fight back.
They pack themselves into a resurrected old van along with a load of camping gear, and take off on a rollicking road trip across Canada. Their travels take them from their small home town to a farm in Southern Ontario, a bar in Northern Ontario, a Ukrainian Festival in Manitoba, a mixed farm in Saskatchewan, a rodeo in Alberta, whitewater rafting in Alberta and finally hiking in the mountains of British Columbia.
Learning to live and adjust to each other's idiosyncrasies in the close confines of the old van has as much to do with changing their attitudes to life as their achievements and the people they meet. Oh, and the people they meet are as rich and real as they are, living life to the fullest.
You'll laugh, howl, cry and even swear you know who these women are in real life. That's not possible because they are fictional characters, but unforgettable characters they are. 
Beautiful summer reading, winter reading, you will read it over and over again. In every piece of great fiction, there's a piece of the essential truth of human experience there for all to see. And it's done very well while Spitting From High Places.