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Stigma: The Silent Killer of Mental Health

It is a story of knowing there was something not right in my mental health. It was a life time of ignoring the problem, because of stigma and masking it with addiction. I did well in a lifetime of addiction, as most people never knew. It was not till after, my first psychiatrist appointment, that I understood the addiction.
It was depression, anxiety and transference.
There was not only stigma within, but there was a situation where there was stigma outside of my being, that hurt me to the very core, as my husband and I, were being alienated by people we loved and that is where I went into darkness, emptiness, loneliness and finally despair. I was able to get past that moment of despair and start a journey of healing.
It was a group program that I took, called “Wholestic Healing”, where I learned why? I am the way I am and basically I was functioning, functionally in dysfunction. I was missing some of the basic human feelings a person must have, not that I was missing them, I took on the negative side of the feelings.
Through understanding, through this continuous journey, I have done things, whereby, before I would say “no” to many things in life, which included a group program, a sky dive and my Run For Mental Health across Ontario.
With this autobiography, I become very raw to the very core of my body and soul, trying to leave nothing unsaid of my being, in hopes to help others.
Since I wrote this autobiography, I have done so many more adventures in my Journey of Healing and
I most probably will do a sequel to this Journey of Healing. 

$5.00 of every sale will go to Canadian Mental Health Association.