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Stories From the Porch


"First of all, let's make one thing clear: I'm just the messenger, so there's no point getting all pissy with me..."
So begins Stories From the Porch, a collection of short stories linked by their setting: the small town of Baeburg, Ontario. Oh, it's small all right: Baeburg is home to three churches, two coffee shops, and only one guiding principle: say what you really think, and let the cow chips fall where they may.

Voices ring out in these stories. A grandmother remembers sweet revenge at an epic pie-baking contest; a boy takes us on a rollicking springtime bike ride. Farmers wax philosophic, a bookseller grumbles about love and ghosts, and the whole town damn nearly mounts a coup d'état on the mayor when --
Oh, they'll tell you the stories themselves. Have a seat on the porch, grab a butter tart, and enjoy. Because life can be pretty funny sometimes ... just ask the funeral director.