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Tashi's Secret Treasures


Tashi is a playful puppy who lives with Betty in Paradise Landing. One day Tashi decides to dig up some of Betty's prize petunias to find her secret treasures, while her long time friend, the robin, warns her to work quickly before Betty arrives. Ignoring her friends advice, Tashi get caught in the act and doesn't have enough time to hide her treasure! 

This story has a wonderful rhythmical rhyme with beautiful illustrations making you want to "cheer up" Tashi as she learns her lesson about good behaviour while Betty naturally forgives Tashi at the same time.
Excerpt from the book:
"Cheerily, Tashi!" Robin chirps from on high,
"You must dig for your treasures before Betty comes by!"
"Woof, woof, I am still digging, my fine feathered friend,
Please give a whistle when she's near the road's end."
"Cheerily, cheerily Tashi,
Will do, cheerio!"