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Teachings from the Longhouse

Chief Jacob Thomas's Teachings from the Longhouse is by far one of the most accessible books I use in teaching college classes about the philosophical frameworks that underpin the teaching of the Gaihwi:yo: or the Code of Handsome Lake, one of the cornerstones and meta-narratives of the Haudensosaunee worldview. Many academics refer only to Arthur C. Parker's work on Handsome Lake, which is useful but at times difficult for students to grasp. But for students to grasp the core values, frameworks, and concepts of the Good Mind and truly understand the Haudenosaunee culture from the perspective of Chief Thomas and his mastery of complex philosophical worldviews as a life orator, educator, and speaker; a better book cannot be found than Teachings from the Longhouse.
- Kevin J. White, Ph. D. (Akwesase Mohawk), SUNY Oswego