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Tears of the Firstborn

A heart wrenching and riveting true story of Carol's life, tenderly portrayed in a captivating novel in which she leaned how to cope with bad times and offset them with the good, and all delightfully laced with humorous accounts.
Her early upbringing in a war-time era full of duties, sense of place and responsibilities, steered her well through continuing difficult times which lay ahead.
Torn between a work ethic and a burning sense of responsibility, did the guilt, regrets, heartache and wretched anguish arise out of the loss of life, or out of time lost?
C.R. Small is now retired from her nursing career, enjoying life in Canada, for which she is most grateful.
Surrounded by her precious family, whom she loves deeply her emotions are naturally inherent as she reflects on the lives of her wonderful parents, who walked down paths more difficult.