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The Alien Queen: Act III of the Grey War Trilogy


The war with THE GREY rages on as the singular entity behind it continues to wreak havoc on unsuspecting worlds in its ceaseless conquest of the Universe. Hoping to finally put an end to the conflict, General Aron of Puridia has been appointed acting High General of the Coalition, making him sentient life’s last hope in what is now being referred to as the final offensive. Having gained new insights during the Battle of Corum, High General Aron must now lead the Coalition to Earth in pursuit of a device that could potentially provide them with the edge they need over an intergalactic enemy they have only now begun to scratch the surface of understanding. With greater forces at be pulling strings for both well-intended and nefarious purposes, the path ahead is wrought with fear and uncertainty, leaving the future in a state of doubt that any step might seal the fate for countless worlds throughout the void. A fate that might inescapably conclude in the complete destruction of all sentient life in existence.

In a Universe where anything is possible…

…There can only be one conclusion.

The Alien Queen marks the third and final instalment in the

GREY WAR Trilogy