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The Aradidae of Canada

The aradid bugs are known as flat bugs. Their thin body and sombre color are remarkable adaptations for their life under barks; this is especially true of the species of Aneurus, which are certainly among the thinnest of all insects. They are, with the exception of Aradus cinnamomeus (p. 21), mycetophagous and their coiled stylets are remarkably suited for sucking the juices of fungi that occur on various coniferous and deciduous trees.
This work is intended to facilitate the identification of the aradid bugs that are known to occur in Canada and adjacent states of the USA. The two genera treated are Aradus, with 47 species, and Aneurus, with 2 species. The associated (host) plants for 27 species, which represent nearly 60% of the species treated, are also given in the text.