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The Condo Conundrum

The Condo Conundrum has been written to help you, the current or potential condo owner, protect your condo investment.
Condos are everywhere and they're multiplying like flies. Fifty per cent of all new homes built in Ontario are condominiums. Ten per cent of the population calls a condominium home. In fact, there are about 600,000 condominium units run by 9,000 condominium corporations!
The Ontario Government is considering making substantial changes to the Condominium Act - to make it more transparent, to require managers to have more training and to establish a tribunal to investigate complaints. But who knows how long that will take - if ever. For now, those things are up to you. And this guide can help.
In my time as a director on a condominium board, I got special access to both verbal and written complains from unhappy residents. I also got an insider's perspective of how condo boards react to those complaints, the lengths they'll sometimes go to avoid you and finally, what you need to do to have real control over your condo home.
Because of this inside track, I've discovered that the overwhelming majority of people who are thinking of buying or currently own a condo have no idea how little control they'll have over their unit and the condo complex that they'll live in. Since knowledge is power, this guide will help empower you - with information that can help you to build a positive relationship with your condo management team.
Happy condo-ing!