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The Control Factor


Gathering the threads of the myriad aspects of the UFO and other seemingly related ‘paranormal’ phenomena this book weaves together a compelling fabric of thought leading the reader to question everything which has previously been accepted as reality.

The investigation by the author of the strange experiences of the ‘Armstrong’ family spanning many years and two continents form the foundation of this work. It also includes the Universal Letter Gerry Armstrong felt he was required to write to mankind following one of his strange extra-terrestrial encounters.
Taken by itself this Universal Letter questions many of humanity’s previously accepted principles but also introduces many contradictions when compared with other such writings by a variety of deep thinkers over the centuries.

Taking into consideration the works of such authors as Dr. Jacques Vallee, Charles Fort, John Keele, Dr. Emmet Fox and many others, David A. Haisell induces the readers of this book to question just what exactly is controlling their lives.

The suggested answer may surprise you.


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