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The Dealmaker


Four months have passed since Detective John Cooper nearly died at the hands of a sadistic killer, but finally he is back to work.

Now, he and his partner have been assigned a highly sensitive homicide investigation, one which could ultimately place the duo's standing among their comrade-in-arms in serious jeopardy. A Criminal Court Judge has been brutally murdered and the suspect pool is significant, however, one name continually rising to the top, is that of fellow detective, Ralph Edwards. Devastated by the murder of his daughter and frustrated by continued judicial incompetence, Edwards has become a very bitter and vindictive man who had, on several previous occasions, made repeated threats publicly toward the victim prior to his death.

Cooper, although cleared for duty, is secretly dealing with personal demons he has never before experienced and is mystified as to their cause. His immediate priority is for he and his partner to quickly clear this investigation, because the body count is now climbing, but would his frail mindset remain intact long enough for him to accomplish that? The clock is ticking...and no one, not even Cooper himself, know whether time will become his true, unstoppable enemy.