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the dogma ate my homework

Dogma eating homework? Dogma eating hope? Well actually, dogma eats everything! What this book shows - like no other - is that hope is achieved by allowing science to destroy dogma. Science is a wonderfully creative human method for discovering the truth in a world dominated by the destructive influences of dogma. But dogma under the control of the powerful tries to corrupt science and replace it with nonsense. The book shows that there is limitless opportunity for the evolution of humanity once we confront the forces that drug us down; forces such as fear, B.S., propaganda, competition, and greed. There is indeed HOPE FOR HUMANS! The book captures one idea above all: evolution in the universe has been waiting 14 billion years for us. Let us not disappoint what nature wants us to do. We can show the universe that we were here, and that we were worth waiting for.