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The Enlightened Joy of Being

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to live in a remote village in sub-Saharan Africa? What about hanging out with roughnecks in the oil patch in Northern Alberta? Or maybe chasing down invisible  'degree confluences' in obscure and inaccessible locations around the world? If any of these appeal to you then come along on a wild and exciting ride as Jeff travels the world and describes in vivid detail a whole range of unexpected and often amusing adventures - from chewing moma with a wizened old lady  in Ifugao Philippines, to watching wild African elephants mate alongside the Shire River, to bartering for live chickens in the Zomba markets. Strap on you seatbelt as the trip starts with two planes trying to land on the same remote African airstrip at precisely the same time. Then follow his adventures through North America, Asia, Europe, and Africa, with a short stopover in South America to boot. It's a trip you won't want to miss.