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The Fortress With No Door


And so the game continues...but Rick Hannenburg won't play.

Arthur Pye finds himself in Rick's Land of the Heart; but where is Rick? Finally locating Rick's fortress, Arthur is startled to discover that it has no way in - not a door or window in sight. Only after he performs a terrifying seven-day ritual does the outer wall come down and allow him to pull the reluctant Rick out to play his game.

The game requires Rick to get to the Game Master on the Mount of Omnia; but that mountain is surrounded by the Abyss of Nil, which is filled with all the lies that he has made part of his life. Even as his conscience hounds him about those lies, he latches onto an alternate quest, to seek out a dragon to carry him over the Abyss rather than go through it. The dragon sends Rick out to seek a black gem it claims to yearn for called the Heart of Darkness. However, in the end the beast betrays him, throwing him into the Abyss, and bringing him to an abrupt 'game over'. 

Will the Game Master be able to find a way to reach Rick now that he's back in the real world? Or is Rick doomed to remain trapped in the lies that flood his Abyss of Nil?