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The Genera of Larval Midges of Canada

arvae of the family Chironomidae are abundant in most freshwater and semiaquatic habitats, and in some terrestrial, brackish, and saline habitats. The red larvae found in many aquatic habitats, are commonly called bloodworms, belong to this group of insects. The number of species in an aquatic habitat may comprise over 50% of the total number of species of the larger invertebrates. The total number of species occurring in Canada is probably over 2000.
This publication gives keys for the identification of the last larval stages of 123 of 133 genera of chironomids known to occur in Canada. In addition, each genus has been provided with a brief description and notes on its geographic distribution an habitat. Where possible the keys and descriptions are based on specimens associated with adults, as the taxonomy of chironomids is largely based on the adult male.