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The Genera of the Aphids of Canada

The aphids are among the best known of all plant pests. Anyone who has grown plants either in the home or garden is familiar with these insects. What is not generally known, however, is that many plant species have a particular aphid species or group of species, exclusively associated with it. The relationships between aphids and their plant food source is probably so specialized that they should be considered plant parasites. Their life cycles exhibit all the physiological adaptations to their hosts that characterize true parasites.
Because of their capacity to transit plant virus diseases, aphids are one of the most economically important groups of insects. Many viruses that harm plants and cause serious crop losses are transmitted by these pests.
The aims of this handbook are to provide some generalized introductory information on morphology and terminology, and on the general biology. It also provides keys to the genera that occur, or potentially occur, in Canada, or could be expected as horticultural interceptions.