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The Great Pyramid and the Bible

The mysteries of the Great Pyramid . . . Who knows what the builders of the Great Pyramid knew? Who knows what mysteries lie within its creation? Petko Nikolic Vidusa has some answers . . . answers that force a reader to contemplate, to truly sit back and think about an early civilization that may have known more than we ever will. <BR>In The Great Pyramid and the Bible, he tells the reader that one side of the Great Pyramid's base is 23,192,867 centimetres in length. Two sides of the base, when added together, represent the actual distance that the Earth turns on its equator in a single second. The author extrapolates further -- and comes to the startling conclusion that, over a 24-hour period, the numbers represent the total length of the Earth's equator. And Nikolic Vidusa links the Great Pyramid to the teachings of the Bible: " ... there will be an altar to the Lord in the heart of Egypt and witness to the Lord Almighty in the land of Egypt.'' This is a book for the believer -- and for the truly inquisitive. Nikolic Vidusa gives us much to contemplate.