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The Insects, Spiders and Mites of Cape Breton Highlands National Park

Arthropods form a large and fundamental component of nearly every community on earth. There are more species of arthropods than all other animals and plants combined and they occur in virtually every type of microhabitat. Unfortunately such a rich source of information is largely overlooked and uninterpreted. Cape Breton Highlands National Park, until now, was no exception to these statements.
This report provides a basis for an understanding of the arthropod community in the park. It is the result of a cooperative agreement between the Biosystematics Research Institute of Agriculture Canada and Cape Breton Highlands National Park of Parks Canada. Such a cooperative arrangement has many benefits for both organizations. It provides B.R.I. scientists with the opportunity to intensively collect and study the fauna of a previously poorly known area of Canada, and especially one that has already been recognized as an important area biologically. It is also an opportunity for scientists studying different arthropod groups to compare the fauna in terms of their understanding of other areas.