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The Plant Bugs of the Prairie Provinces of Canada

The Miridae, or plant bugs, are of great economic importance to man because they feed on plants, or prey on other arthropods. The bugs may also act as vectors of plant virus diseases. Damage to crops by these bugs has often resulted in losses of millions of dollars.
This group of bugs is not well known in Canada, particularly in the northern areas of the Prairie Provinces, the Yukon, and the Northwest Territories. Despite their large numbers, the plant bugs are poorly represented in collections, and confusion exists in naming them. In recent years special efforts have been made to collect the Miridae from coast to coast in Canada, and especially in the farming and ranching areas of the Prairie Provinces. As a result, knowledge of the range and distribution of the species has been expanded and new information on their habits and ecology has been obtained. The aim of this report is to help the economic entomologists and other field workers in the Prairie Provinces and elsewhere to identify the species of this important group of plant bugs so often encountered in field surveys and control programs.