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The Prompting


The Prompting is intended to be disturbing, shocking, and entertaining. It will make you laugh and cry and lift you to feel empowered to make a difference in a world lost in the insanity of greed, fear, and violence. For underlying each word is the spirit of exploration, love, compassion, hope, and the revelation of a solution so pure and simple, the unconscious human mind will surely resist.

In this novel Glori Beldorai has done what no one else has thought to do. Using the ancient art of story-telling, she has brought to light the inherited dysfunction in our thinking found in the whole range of human experience: mind, body, and spirit; individual, cultural, and environmental. She shows how this acts as a “disconnect” from what is actually taking place in reality and is the cause of our suffering – from disease to the destruction of the planet.

As the major character, Thomas awakens to a new dimension of seeing and being beyond his limited thinking mind, we, too, can choose to consciously participate in our own evolution to experience the healing of ourselves and the earth.

“This book is an enlightening adventure for those who choose to allow it. It is excellent, needed, and very timely. I put my experience of it right along with the Celestine Prophecy – but more: deeper and broader; therefore, more profound! An awakening to something wonderful is available, and we have the personal power within us to do what is truly good. I say Bravo!!! I feel like standing up and cheering.”