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The Pumpkin Knight


The Faefolk (children of Christmas) and the Hollow Men (children of Halloween) have been at war for thousands of years. After St. Nicholas, King of the Winter Kingdom, defeated the Hollow Men during the second Hollow War, the realm descended into unease and tension as neither side wished to repeat the inescapable horror and devastation that took the lives of both Fae and Hollow Men alike.

In a desperate attempt to create a Santa Claus of their own, the Men of The Hollows resurrect the cunning and ambitious Ichabod Crane to war against the north in their name. Having been robbed of his head by the Headless Horseman, he must dawn the face of a jack o’lantern as he strikes fear into the hearts of his enemies as the ruthless and terrifying PUMPKIN KNIGHT.

As the north prepares for their upcoming holiday season, Ichabod sets his sights on the throne and it’s up to an unlikely band of heroes to stop him in this fast paced Holiday Epic that will have you turning the page in anticipation.