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The Reinvention of Coley's Toxins

Coley’s Toxins were invented in 1893 by Dr. William Coley when he
was 29 years old. In the following 43 years Dr. Coley treated about
one thousand inoperable (incurable) cancer patients with better results
than would be expected for a comparable group of patients today.

Until the last pharmaceutical manufacturer ceased production in 1951,
Coley’s Toxins was a mainstream cancer therapy with thousands of
physicians treating many tens of thousands of patients. Outcomes
were respectable but not as good as achieved by Dr. Coley.

Dr. Coley’s patients fared better than those treated by other physicians
because Coley’s Toxins prepared for Dr. Coley’s personal use were
more effective than the commercially available formulations.

Beginning in 2006, MBVax Bioscience produced a modern version of
the formulation used by Dr. Coley and provided it free of charge to
physicians anywhere in the world who could legally import the
product and administer treatment.

Clinical results included complete regressions (cures) of inoperable
and/or metastatic breast cancer, lymphoma, melanoma, lung cancer,
esophageal cancer and stomach cancer.

In spite of these results and the support of leading cancer researchers,
medical regulators in Canada, Europe and the U.S. denied permission
to commence clinical trials.