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The Salt Man


Spanning two continents and three generations, The Salt Man is a sweeping saga that traces how one man’s quest for adventure led to a discovery that would change the face of many Southwestern Ontario towns for decades to come.

Scotland, 1852: From humble beginnings in Carmunnock, twelve-year-old Peter McEwan and his family move to the Province of Canada, lured by the promise of land and opportunity. Settling in Perth County, they struggle to overcome hardships as they learn to farm the land and build a new life.

By 1861 Peter grows restless and yearns for adventure. When he makes the risky choice to seek his fortune in Oil Springs, it ignites an intriguing chain of events. From oil wells to salt wells, from Lambton County to Huron County and beyond, Peter refines drilling and production techniques to harvest the riches deep beneath the earth’s surface. While drilling in Goderich, he falls in love with Christie McKay, a feisty young woman with an iron will. Together, Peter and Christie draw strength from one another as they celebrate triumphs, endure tragedies, and strive to balance the needs of their growing family with business demands.

The Salt Man is a compelling tale that illuminates the early days of Southwestern Ontario’s oil and salt industries, and highlights the courage, ingenuity, and resilience of the vibrant men and women who helped shape Canada into the country it is today.