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The Theory of Intrinsic Energy


 Phenomena explained by the The Theory of Intrinsic Energy include:

• The fine structure constant

• The proton-electron mass ratio

• The mechanisms of gravitation and non-Newtonian stellar rotation curves and the non-Newtonian precession rate of the perihelion of mercury

• The chirality meshing interactions that mediate gravitation and electromagnetism

• The properties of photons including diffraction, constant photon velocity and intrinsic redshift

• The gyromagnetic ratios and nuclear magnetic moments of 106 isotopes

• The mechanism of increase in mass (mass-energy) with increase in velocity

• The atomic spectra of helium, lithium, beryllium, and boron

• The Hubble constant

• The levitation of pyrolytic carbon

• The levitation, suspension and pinning of superconducting disks