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The Trail Continues

t is not uncommon I believe that on occasion a person will reflect on the life they have led and attempt to review its accomplishments and failings. Additionally, they may inquire as to whether that life had made any difference and for that matter, wonder whether anyone cared. In my own case, I felt in all likelihood there were people who had interest in the life I had led and assumed it unique enough to record. This was supported by my belief there had not been and never would be someone exactly like me on this earth ever again. Conceited and vain perhaps,  but nonetheless true. I also believe there never has been and never will be anyone quite like the reader on this earth again. It is my opinion therefore that you and I have a major and singular responsibility to document our individual lives in some manner. There is no doubt in my mind you will find find something of yourself in this autobiography, as I am sure I would find a kindred soul in your story should you elect to write it.