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The Weevils of Canada and Alaska: Volume 1

This is the first volume of a projected three-part series treating the superfamily Curculionoidea of Canada and Alaska. This first volume treats all families in the superfamily except Curculionidae, or true weevils, which will be treated in the two subsequent volumes, and Scolytidae, or bark-beetles, which have already been treated (Bright 1976). The families included in this part are: Anthribidae, Apionidae, Attelabidae, Brentidae, Ithyceridae, Nemonychidae, Platypodidae, and Rhynchitidae.<br><br>
This work describes 90 species and provides keys to all taxa. Sections on individual species include a description, information on host plants and distribution, such biological information as exists, and pertinent references. A distribution map, showing all known localities where the species has been found in Canada or Alaska (or both) is provided for each species if there are enough localities known to form a pattern. Since this book's primary audience are non specialists in Coleoptera, the descriptions include only those characters that are needed for accurate identification or comparison. Synonymy and literature references are also limited to those that provide the most information to the user.