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They Never Surrendered

This is a story about Canada's soldiers who, despite their defeat and capture by the Japanese at Hong Kong in World War II, never gave up and never stopped fighting.

On the battlefield, suffering heavy casualties, they fought with determination and courage until they were ordered to lay down their arms by the British Governor of Hong Kong.

As prisoners of war they were shipped to Japan as slave labourers. In unimaginable conditions in their camps in Japan many died of starvation, overwork, disease, and savage abuse.

During nearly four years of their captivity they remained undaunted. They never failed in their duty to try and resist, and they never submitted to the demands of their cruel enemy.

While prisoners of war in the very heartland of their enemy, their sabotage was astonishingly successful in crippling the Japanese war effort.

Their courage and defiance are part of our history - and one we can be proud of.