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What's a dragon to do if he can't find any water?
Quentin Zerbes, an orphan boy, is full of anger, having been abandoned by his parents when he was two and poorly treated by the numerous foster families who've cared for him since, and has become a moody and reclusive twelve-year-old.
His life takes an abrupt turn when Leonard and Ruby Varga, two users of a mysterious Power, adopt him and teach him how to use his rage to control that Power himself and gain the confidence to no longer fear the bullies who've plagued him all his life.
Then he begins to have dreams ... dreams that he's a dragon, a thirsty dragon dealing with a golden bear, and forced to wander a huge desert world in search of something to drink.
After his fathers nemesis tracks his parents down and attacks, Quentin finds himself as that dragon in a strange monochrome world where he must fulfill a series of odd quests if he's going to get back to the real world.
Will he solve the various riddles posed to him and locate the bridge he's been sent to find which will lead him home? Or will he succumb to the lure of Broadway, a street of glitz and glamour?