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This I Believe

Peter Longmore writes with clarity and purpose about his faith-the faith he grew up with, the faith he abandoned for a short time, and the faith he rediscovered through the work of contemporary Jesus scholars, particularly Marcus Borg, John Dominic Crossan and John Shelby Spong. It is a personal account and not all may agree with Peters' conclusions. What shines through, however, is Peter's passion for the faith and his conviction that each of us needs to embark on our own faith journey seeking, as much as we are able, what is good and what is true. Peter's book shows us a way.
-Harry MacLean, lecturer on progressive Christianity
I have know Peter Longmore for many years and I know the effort that he puts into any projects which he undertakes. This book is the result of much thought and research and only adds to my admiration of Peter. I found it very difficult to put down and thought provoking. 
- Pastor Don Smith, United Church of Canada