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Three Score & Ten, What Then?

Three Score & Ten, What Then? is a story about an elderly lady who resides in a long term care facility. Her name is Savannah Ashton. The story transpires a month before Savannah's one hundred and fifth birthday. Savannah's granddaughter, Beth, stops by for a visit and they spend the day together reminiscing.
During the course of their conversation Savannah reveals her life story to Beth. She tells her what it was like growing up in a bygone era. She speaks about the many changes that have taken place during her lifetime. She tells Beth how the "Near North" region of Ontario was developed and evolved over the course of a century. Then, Savannah speaks about her life in long-term care. That is where she has been faced with some of life's harshest realities. As Savannah states, "Life is different from the inside looking out."