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Thriving On The Edge

This readable and informative book is challenging and relevant to current
spiritual care and therapy practice. Together, the forty-one contributors
have produced a timely reflection on current issues faced by spiritual care
and counselling professionals, educators and researchers, as well as noting
the historical context of this field, all with an eye to the future of our
“Thriving on the edge” is a metaphor for helping professionals working at
the margins of healthcare, education, or private practice with clients and
patients who themselves are struggling at the fringe and in need of support.
Spiritual care research and theory informs the practice of spiritual care
providers and deepens our roots so that we do not just cling to the edge but
A strength of this book is the diversity represented by the contributors –
Canadian and American academics who speak from their research,
educators exploring how best to provide training, and practitioners who
apply their learning on the front lines. Insights are shared from a variety of
faith traditions, even from the edge of faith in a chapter on atheists facing
spiritual struggles. The variety of perspectives combined here with
scholarly rigor makes a valuable contribution to the field of spiritual care
and counselling.