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To Save A Dragon

And so a new game began...and Sid Meyer must play.
Arthur Pye is back is his land of the Heart again after asking Game Master Jesus to help a bully named Sid. He set out on a new quest, but comes across a river which complains that it is not feeling well, and quickly discovers that it's problem is a wounded dragon blocking one of its brooks. This dragon, the victim of a powerful giant, proved to be the same Sid who had bullied Arthur, transformed to play his part in Arthur's game. But he remembers nothing of his life Outside
Arthur nurses him back to health. But he soon goes off on his own, seeking revenge on the giant; and Arthur spends the next while getting him out of one fix after another. Finally Arthur accepts that he can't deflect Sid from his purpose. Joining him, he trains him to fight monsters as the two of them head toward the mountain where the giant dwells.
But Sid loses his first battle with the giant, and so goes off with a dodgy gambler, hoping to build up his strength and skill so that he can try again. However, a condition of the gambler's help is that he enter a showdown against Lord Day-star's mysterious stone warrior. 
Sid must find within himself the strength to go up against this new opponent if he is ever going to return and face his giant again. But what of his own Land of the Heart, where the dread Lord Justicium waits, a foe who will not be denied? And will Arthur be able to get through to him with the truth before it's too late?