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Until You've Walked the Path

Experience in vivid detail the real-life challenges of a young family man who became stricken in 1991 by a mysterious illness best known at the time as the "Yuppie Flu".  A straight commissioned salesman with no medical benefits and a wife and child to feed, failure for him was never an option.  Witness first hand the day-to-day struggles he endured that included long bouts of depression, excruciating muscle pain and exhaustion that caused him to sleep 24 to 48 hours at a time.  Read about how, throughout his ordeal, he managed to maintain hope and a positive attitude that in the end were the catalysts required in finding new ways to battle a disease that in the early 90's society alleged was no disease at all.  Rejoice with him when you discover he did eventually triumph over his illness and went on to accomplish something nearly everyone - at times even he - believed impossible!