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Vampire Of War: Blood & Conquest

Not only has Ichabod Crane’s Siege of Winter ended, but so too has the War of Fangs. Now
that the blood feud with the Werewolves has finally come to an end, the ruthless Vampire Lord,
Vitsig the Merciless, sets his sights on the task of bringing his war to the Fae, and claiming
himself the one true King of the Realm.
In light of what many fear to be a third Hollow War, the north seeks to march through The
Hollows with an offering of peace and the intention of uniting the kingdoms toward a better
future. Having been denied assistance by The Ire, The Fairy Sanctuary and the Easter Islands in
his ambitions, the King must now rely solely on his faith and the determination of his men to
weather the uphill battle of uniting the realm against tyranny.
Unfortunately for the Fae, war is Vitsig’s arena, and not only does he have a mind for warfare,
but had since sharpened his skills with centuries of experience. If the King is to succeed in the
inevitable conflict, he must outwit, outpace and outlast a Vampire who has not only proven
himself unparalleled in violence and cruelty but is also cunning in his resolve.
This isn’t a battle between good and evil. It’s a war between predator and prey.