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Vegetarian Expressions - Black and White Edition

From childhood children are taught to be economical with supplies of food. One way or another they were tenderly but closely prepared to understand the quality and nutrient values of different foods. Many mothers like mine allowed children to play with dough. As she rolled it out and stretched it to make rotis, we slowly understood "food engineering and it;s a food's intrinsic worth." All this fostered cooking for a future time. Handling every food and then cooking it made it adventurous and exciting. Fulfillment of talent comes when there is fruition. Delight expressed by others and self-satisfaction are expressed then and there but become experiment for this future safe places. Such expressions of creativity are both instinctive and labours of love. Combining right meals and making individual choices of foods and their garnishes, all take origin in oral tradition, passed down by mother to daughter.
The new homemaker these days in not confined to a village, town or country. She or he must make healthy food choices for a family. Shortcuts and improvisation are vital with working parents. Wholesome meals whether created in an emergency or not are chosen for the love of a family. This book is carefully scripted to address such issues about vegetarianism.