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North America is facing the largest change in dietary perception it has seen in over a decade. Consumers are confused. Is fat good or bad? What about carbs, fruits and vegetables or protein? The result is thousands of North Americans being frustrated and misinformed, and left reaching for a never-ending and dissatisfying number of fad diets.

In this breakthrough book, Allison Tannis shows you how to wade through the fads and trends of the dieting world we live in. Vitality is your guide through the myths and media frenzy of the world of diets in the wake of the low carb craze. It's the science of food - in an easy to swallow format.

Author, Allison Tannis a scientist, educator and lover of food, takes you through an intriguing journey of the science of carbohydrates, fats, proteins, supplements and the most popular diets of our time. In addition, she offers easy and justified ideas on how you can create a good diet, including an easy stepped plan that can be adjusted to varying palates and diet restrictions. This is an essential resource for everyone who wants to eat and live healthier...!