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Watch Your Step

Building and maintaining Disaster Recovery and/or Business Continuity Management programs isn't easy. Even when a DR/BCM practitioner has years of experience, it can still be a challenge. During that time there can be many encountered problems with multiple issues - sometimes hindering progress and the ability to meet the ever changing needs of an organization. These issues can be attributed to Technology, Communication, Testing, Resources and Management and many other subject areas, each with its own unique challenge - just to name a few.
Watch Your Step is about the issues and roadblocks that are often encountered when building a DR/BCM program; those things that hamper and harm an organizations capability to develop, mature and maintain and DR/BCM program.
Drawn from many years of personal experience across multiple industries, A. Alex Fullick provides insight into what roadblocks to expect and how to address them so that DR/BCM practitioners - and organizations - can work through the issues faster and with less interruption, allowing the DR/BCM program to move forward. it also identifies the warning signs that eventually lead to an issue and how to mitigate that risk of occurence before you've got an issue on your hands. 
This is a must have for all DR/BCM practitioners who want to ensure their program runs as smooth as can be.