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Welcoming Newcomer Children


"Adults are an essential part of any child's settlement experience, but ... the settlement belongs to the child.
Welcoming Newcomer Children...
- Offers a new perspective on child settlement.
- Draws on international research in various fields.
- Examines values & beliefs from a Non-Western point of view.
- Questions accepted practices, priorities & standards.
- Suggests new strategies for working with children from birth through kindergarten.

Welcoming Newcomer Children is comprehensive...
- Invites reader reflection with Something to Think About.
- Supports teachers with - Implications for Practice.
- Analyses 10 Mainstream Benchmarks of Quality.
- Proposes 10 steps to Quality for Newcomers.
- Is fully referenced with a Bibliography & Index.
"For teachers, the aim is... professional practices that sustain program quality and ... help newcomer children achieve their settlement goals."