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When Mists Shade the Rainbow

Poetry is emotion committed to paper; the human language of passion which examines the awe and wonderment of life. It is man's defiance of banality; the echoes of greater gods, the lore of moonbeams dancing on a summer's night, a lightning spear penetrating the heart of certainty. Poetry changes how one views the universe by painting the fervor of existence on a canvas of perception using words as both medium and brush. It is the deification of dreams that allow one to surmount unknown barriers and reflect on the inner beauty of the soul, to create light from shadow, to breathe thought into passion, to merge truth with contentment. A poem is not something we read; it is something we feel, permitting the reader to personalize its essence and accept it as their own. Readers are able to hold both sound and echo in their hand, while weaving reality into thought; to allow one to shadow dance with a rainbow.