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When the Milk Sours

As a young man, husband and father, with a full life ahead of him, his journey was initiated with a stroke. The result was an inability to read, write or speak initially, Frank’s world was dismal indeed. Taking things for granted like calling a friend, reading to his son, having a simple conversation eluded him. His feeling of isolation threatened to overwhelm him. He practiced by reading stories to his son at bedtime.

But Frank was an advocate for himself and others with Aphasia (inability or difficulty ¬speaking). He founded the Expressive Café, an advocacy and support organization for Stroke Survivors with aphasia in Elmira. At one point, this was the only support that aphasic patients had in Waterloo Wellington. He became a hospital visitor with “Linking Survivors with Survivors” in Guelph and Kitchener, and continues to volunteer at all the Aphasia ¬workshops presented by the District Stroke program.