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Where the River Narrows


It is 1759. The war has dragged on for 5 years, but it has always seemed remote to Rachelle Ducoin.  There are few reminders of the struggles afar on the farm below Quebec. Catastrophe strikes. Ruin and starvation loom. Sickness, madness and murder claim those she loves. An invading army makes her a refugee.

 But worse still is the terrible secret she harbors. A covetous entity has laid claim to her and she must face it or be destroyed by it. Can she depend upon her faith? Does she dare risk love? Can the one she loves help her? Where the River Narrows tells the story of the Siege of Quebec City, the Battle of the  Plains of Abraham and the hardhips endured by soldiers, citizens and aboriginal peoples alike as they clawed their way towards a Canadian Nationhood they would not live to see.