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You Don't Have To Be Perfect

So often we approach life, even the Christian life, with an unrealized goal- that of "doing" it perfectly. I say "unrealized" because even when we exercise Herculean effort, we always seem to fall short of the goal. More often than we like to admit, we feel like we are going down a one-way street the wrong way, even though we try so hard to follow the "signs." Whether it's in our efforts as wives, mothers or friends, what we seek to accomplish inside or outside of our homes - the goal of perfection dangles just out of reach. I will go further: even in our relationship with God Himself and whatever service He has called us to, the unspoken goal is some obscure picture of perfection.
If you can relate to this struggle - this desire to succeed, this book is for you. It is the expression of one imperfect life that has squeezed out from under the burden of protection to look at things a little differently. It's in the imperfections that we learn the most, our faith is grown and we find a Father who is able to make something beautiful out of our messes. He lovingly shows us the lessons and moves in our hearts by His power to change us - little by little.
In everyday life, in every challenging situation, God wants us to know somethign very freeing: We don't have to be perfect because He is greater. He is greater than all my efforts, all my mistakes, all my failures. He is greater than every situation that may threaten to undo me in my weakness. He is so great, in fact, the He actually uses my imperfections to achieve the most wonderful things! When I look at His greatness instead of me imperfections, I find hope.
I am passing on my hope to you by sharing stoires from my life that expose my own imperfections. The hope isn't especially in the imperfections I relate but rather in the lesson I learned in the midst of it all. My prayer is that you will experience freedom from the burden of perfection and start to see how your imperfections put you in a "perfect" position to learn and grow.